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Papermail is specialist in specials. For example these beautiful cases with ring binders for SIF. A distinctive way of making quotations for their customers and therefore an example for SIF and what they are standing for; high quality and trust in their products. We could only produce these boxes together with professionals and their right graphic skills, knowledge of materials, precise handwork and sharp eyes for details.

Advice and help with specials

Papermail can advise you on special projects. Advice in out-of-the-box concepts with high attention value and of course made as much as possible from natural products like paper and cardboard. And of course we always offer the best price for our specials.

Specials are pure and custom made by professionals with passion and a very sharp eye for details.

Do you need advice or are you curious about all the options and prices? Contact us directly via the contact form, call or chat with us.

Pearls in printings and packaging

Thanks to our graphic knowledge and contacts with only the best production gems in the complete European market, we can perfectly help you with packaging at razor sharp pricings. Feel free to contact us if you want to develop your new packaging or let us make a sharp price comparison. Call, fill in the contact form or easely chat with us.

Your mailbox is hungry!

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Do you pack profiles or other products with long lengths?

If you produce long profiles or long products and need to transport them? Than you know for sure it easy.