Do you pack profiles or products with long lengths?

If you are producing long profiles or products that also need to be transported, its mostly not easy to find a good solution for it. Many companies work therefore with expensive wooden crates taking up a lot of space. That is the reason why Papermail has developed a new packaging concept for their customers. The Incrateble Packaging.

A new packaging concept designed for profiles and products with long lengths.

Our Incrateble is a new, smart packaging concept made from the strongest cardboard you can imagine. With our packaging concept you are able to pack and transport profiles and products up to 3 meters. The big advantages are less space in storage and transport.

Pack in 3 easy steps:

Cut the Incrateble to the correct length


Place your product and wrap the cardboard around it


Close the package using a stapler

Your package is ready for shipment!
Our customers are very enthusiastic

“That’s great”. The first thing packers and buyers say when they see and use our packaging for long lengths. Sturdy, easy to use, space and cost saving. So really “Incrateble”. Below you can read the 3 biggest benefits.

  • With the Incrateble packaging concept you can save at least 25% on your costs;
  • The Incrateble concept can ensure 80% space saving;
  • Our packaging is 100% strong and clean;

In addition, cardboard is very environmentally friendly because it can be reused.

Do you also want to save on space and costs

We can offer Incrateble packaging at very interesting prices and in different sizes. We know we can achieve savings up to 40% comparing to other solutions.

Curious about the possibilities or do you want to test our Incrateble? Contact us at +31 77 374 6500 or complete the contact form. We assure you to contact within one working day.

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