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Packaging for Food & Retail

Food and Retail branches require innovative and visually appealing packaging. Papermail Packaging has extensive experience in developing, designing and producing various innovative packaging for various customers. Packaging visually and functionally matching the experience and requirements of their customers.
Papermail Packaging is aware of the latest developments in the world of printings and is obliged to help and advise you as a customer. This allows Papermail to produce packaging that automatically almost will sell your product and realizes direct savings.

Packaging at competitive prices

Papermail knows the production gems in the European market. All print and packaging producers with only passionate professionals. Packaging specialists who produce day in day out for various markets.
Thanks to the knowledge and contacts with these suppliers, Papermail can deliver packaging at razor-sharp prices.
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Papermail Packaging and various certifications

Papermail Packaging is working with suppliers on highest standards for freshness, protection and food hygiene.
As a packaging supplier, Papermail works according to international standards and guidelines in:
– freshness;
– protection;
– food hygiene.
View some of the packaging projects that Papermail Packaging has realized.

Packaging development location Venlo

Packaging often requires a careful approach. That is why Papermail has created his own development location in Venlo. Here they think about and develop new packaging for various applications and also is the best place to test. Papermail supports and advices customers in packaging for various applications.
Papermail Packaging has a lot of knowledge in packaging development and production. Thanks to this knowledge they help customers with new innovations and directly save money.
All the packaging is developed in accordance with the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, according the wishes of customers and with the optimal ratio between costs and benefits.
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Thanks to our graphic knowledge and contacts with production gems in the European market, we can perfectly help you with your packaging at razor sharp pricings. Feel free to contact us to develop your new packaging or let us make a price comparison. Call, fill in the contact form or chat with us.

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Do you pack profiles or other products with long lengths?

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